Our Story

Have you ever shared a moment with a family member or friend, where you reminisce the fun times and great memories of way back when.. and then realise, hang on, where did all that time go?

Stemming from this exact same conversation between two friends, the fragile state of time dawned upon them. In reality, time was gradually slipping through their palms, making every moment priceless, as once a moment pasts, all the money, resources and technology in the world is not enough to bring it back. With distractions of everyday life and the rise of technology making the term “offline” a definition of the past. We are constantly connected to our online status, and this reduces the chance of us creating these “priceless moments”, affecting our ability to build quality connections, and to experience a life of passion.


With this in mind, the pair set out on a journey in search of a way to raise awareness and to remind us all that the limited resource of time should be spent wisely.

On this basis, they agreed that there was no better way to represent their vision, than a timekeeper itself. And so Woodington was born, giving rise to the dream of changing one’s perception of time, reminding us of the true value within each second, minute and hour that goes by. This is the core foundation of the “Woodington Life” and we wish to share it with all who dare to embrace the change. The present is in your hands. Use it wisely.